Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WINTER 2016 plotlines...

Currently in the studio working on a new LP.... but who will put it out?

In the meantime here's two shows we're doing in our main region::::

Playing in Vancouver at the Antisocial Skate Store with some hot acts on FrIdAy DeCemB 11TH


Seattle will be with BIG BITE and NAOMI PUNK.... matt is working on the poster but i guess it's not done yet

Also - we're going to SXSW in March and also gonna play around Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana while we're at it ----- exact dates forthcoming immininenetly

Also - "Deserve" LPs are ALLLLMMMOOOSTTT back in print from Couple Skate Records

Also - there's a bunch of web shop orders that haven't been shipped out for like 6 months, but they will be like in the next 2 weeks. sorry.


  1. Playing with u guys in Wichita in marchhh

  2. i hate to sound rude but if you guys got dropped from lefse/fat possum then i'm really glad because they are the biggest scammers around and you guys deserve better than that much love :-)

    1. 'preesh

      lets just say "that didnt go to plan...."

  3. Please play in Houston when you come to Texas!

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